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Yoga in times of the Coronavirus – five ways how to stay calm and healthy

October 25th, 2020

The corona virus is challenging the entire world and despite the actual effects of COVID-19, we mainly see that the world is out of control and that our daily routines can’t be continued in the same way anymore. The corona virus shows us in many different ways, that our lives have been running too fast sometimes and that things need to be slowed down in a more subtle way. In this blog post, you’ll get five recommendations or changes of the perspective on how to deal with the situation around the pandemic.

1. Keep a daily routine

A lot of people do not like to work from home, as the borders between work and private life become blurry. Make sure to really turn off your computer when you finish your work at the regular time and do not become tempted to already check your emails Sunday night in order to be already up to date on Monday. This wasn’t necessary before corona times and it won’t be now. By keeping a strong line between work and private life, you can manage to work from home and still feel the difference. How about talking a five minutes walk after work and opening the windows to let the “work air” flow out? Afterwards you can light a candle at home and change your living room to home mood again.

2. Find your oasis

Your gym is closed or the yoga studio just shut down? You can chose to sit at home and do nothing, or to keep the regular entry in your calendar and practice from home instead. By following our normal routine, we still keep ourselves busy in a normal way and don’t risk to be exhausted from doing nothing. Mark the weekly yoga session in your calendar as if you had a scheduled business meeting with yourself and treat it with the same importance as you would do with a real meeting. Be your own important customer! Staying healthy is more important than it ever was, so Yoga for instance is a great way to make ourselves benefit from time to time.

3. Mental hygiene

Ok we all understand that the corona virus is around us and we all are affected by it in one or the other way. No matter if we are extremely scared of the virus or if we don’t share the concerns of the society, the topic is omnipresent in all the newspapers and on every tv channel. But do we really need this 24/7 update on the situation? If there are new rules for your district or your work place, you will find out about them for sure. But what about a television detox for a week or two? You will be surprised how much better you feel without all the negative headlines. Remember you can’t change the world but you can make a change for yourself.

4. Find your project

Some of your free time activities are cancelled? That’s no reason to sit at home and do nothing! Wasn’t there a book you’ve always wanted to read or was there a subject you wanted to dive into? There are dozens of online portals such as Udemy, MyTeachable etc. that offer numerous courses in all kinds of topics from handcrafts, music, politics etc. Take the chance to discover something new!

5. Have fun!

You can’t see your friends for some time? No worries, there are lots of creative ways to still see your friends and interact with them. Why don’t you start a challenge about who has the cleanest kitchen? Or you decide to refurbish one of your rooms, clear up your closet or invent a new makeup routine? Get your friends to participate online and stay connected.What about a champagne dinner with your friends on zoom? It is nice to have them around for real, but we have to be creative to find new ways to meet - that's still better than nothing! Myself I am not a big fan of all the online tools, but I've had some of the funniest reunions with friends lately when we signed up for a zoom call. So try it and have fun - you'll have good stories to tell in a couple of years!




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