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by Alice Längström

Online Courses

On this page you will soon find my two first online courses.

Below you will find a sneak peak on the contents!

COMING up this Spring: 7-weeks Chakra Course

The Chakra Course is suitable for anybody who would like to acquire or deepen his/her knowledge about the system of the chakras. The course is divided into seven sections (one for each chakra) and can be completed in as little as seven weeks. However, you can take the course at your own pace and complete it whenever you like.

What you will get:

- 1 Meditation for each chakra

- 1 Yoga Flow class for each chakra

- weekly affirmations for each chakra

- 1 Yin Yoga class for each chakra

- 1 lecture for each chakra

- 1 ritual for each chakra

- weekly journal activity for each chakra


Coming Up AUTUMN 2021: Flexibility Course for Splits

Did you always want to learn splits? Many people try to do splits but struggle with the right practice. In this course you will have access to a selection of videos building up a professional front split training step by step.

You can start this course as a beginner or as an intermediate split practitioner and practice as long as you like. The course also contains several training schedules.




*Stretching Special 

mit Pole-Expert Julia Längström 

*Hormon Yoga Special 

*Chakra Yoga Ypecial 

*Yin Yoga Special 

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Sneak Peak on Upcoming Special programs

7-weeks Chakra Course

Soon you'll find my 7-weeks chakra program here, which offers an individual grounding approach to all seven chakras. Join the program for seven weeks of awakening yoga, with various yoga flows, lectures, chakra rituals and meditations.

Coming out in June 2021!