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Yoga for everybod​y

by Alice Längström


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In my personal online Yoga Coaching, you have the poortunity to learn a personal yoga sequence matching your individual needs. The coaching can be booked from anywhere in the world and contains the following sessions:

- one initial Skype or Facetime interview of 30min to discuss your individual goals and needs

- one 45min personalized individual yoga class recorded on video (available on youtube with a private link only for you), this class will be created only for you

- one personal sheet with individual recommendations on how to achieve your goal

Price: CHF 300.-- / € 280.--




*Stretching Special 

mit Pole-Expert Julia Längström 

*Hormon Yoga Special 

*Chakra Yoga Ypecial 

*Yin Yoga Special 

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Sneak Peak on Upcoming Special programs

7-weeks Chakra Course

Soon you'll find my 7-weeks chakra program here, which offers an individual grounding approach to all seven chakras. Join the program for seven weeks of awakening yoga, with various yoga flows, lectures, chakra rituals and meditations.

Coming out in June 2021!